LACINIA CAST CARE OIL: The herbal oils contained in Care Oil and vitamin E help to nourish and strengthen your eyebrows. In everyday life, our eyebrows are poured for stress, fatigue, misuse and many more reasons. Eyebrow Care serum helps your eyebrows to extend and nourish, as well as to help prevent it from spilling.

Use of Vitamin E : Eyebrow Care Oil is applied to the eyebrows once a day, preferably with a special application pad, and applied by gentle massage.

Usage: Eyelash Care Oil 1 times per day, preferably with a special application brush applied to the lashes.

Warning and Storage Conditions: Used as external. Avoid contact with eyes.In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not apply to open wound and irritated skin. Do an allergen test on a small part of your skin before use. In case of allergic reaction, leave it to be used immediately. At room temperature (25 ° C), keep away from sunlight, cool and dry, out of the reach of children and in its own storage.

Presentation: 10ML + 10ML PE bottle in a glass.


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