Ozoned Olive Oil




Ozone oil is utilized as a raw material for many products in the aesthetic and cosmetic sectors as
well as diseases. Ozone is the most powerful and natural disinfectant in nature, germicide. Ozone is
the most effective antioxidant; a strong germ and bactericide; It accelerates the healing process of
uninjured wounds especially in diabetic patients. Used in situations where sunburns, skin stains, acne
scars, wrinkles, skin irregularities, psoriasis, urticaria, melenin disruption, skin color differences and skin
renewal are needed in the treatment of inflammations that cause painful diseases such as arthritis,
muscle rupture, . It reduces the appearance of cellulite and eliminates harmful allergens and toxins,
helps to kill the oral bacteria causing tooth decay, and relieve gum inflammation.

For all skin types

USAGE: Take 5 to 6 drops and  Massage on desired region. This product is face and skin care oil.

30 ML ℮


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