The laurel fruit of the laurel tree is boiled and laurel oil

is obtained and laurel soap is made from this oil. It is

very effective against the dandruff pores, hair dandruff,

acne, eczema, fungus and skin diseases. It revitalizes

the cells in hair roots and strengthens your hair. It

eliminates the dandruff caused by the effects of the

environment and chemical cleaners, while accelerating

the removal of dead cells from the skin, reducing the

formation of acne, wrinkles and unwanted grease.

In case of hair loss, weakness, dandruff, it is a very

successful herbal product. It has antiseptic properties.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Palmate,Sodium Palm

USAGE: Apply by massaging with the movement of the

area required by foaming with water. rinse with plenty

of water.

PRESENTATION: 140 GR Soap in a box, 48 pcs in

a carton


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