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Key Features:

  • Effective in Hair loss problems
  • Good for in-depth and Effective cleansing
  • Relaxes and balances hair.
  • Promotes the regeneration of your Hair

Usage: Perform massage on your wet or dry hair and hair roots. After waiting minimum 1 hour on the hair it is washed with LACINIA Shampoo suitable for your hair type

Packaging: 125 ML PE bottle in a box.

Product Description:

It nourishes and invigorates your hair with intensive amount of Omega-6, Omega-3 and Vitamin E content in olive oil, sun flower essential oil and canola essential oil and helps restore vitality of your hair . It protects your hair against sunlight during the day with natural sun protection property contained in sesame oil. It helps prevention of hair breakage and loss and split ends with E and B vitamins in wheat oil. W alnut oil repairs damaged hair and rejuvenates dull and lank look of your hair. Avocado oil boosts blood flow in hair follicles and invigorates and lengthens your hair . Coconut oil meets moisture need of dr y hair and revitalizes your hair. In the meantime, minerals and vitamins in garlic oil help pre vention of hair loss with anti-bacterial effect. It nourishes your hair the nourishing content of black cumin oil and helps prevention of hair loss. It protects your hair against external factors with its anti-bacte rial and anti-fungal effects of pine turpentine, thyme, rosemary and laurel oil and stimulates blood flow in hair follicles an d invigorates your hair and helps restore vitality of dr y hair with its sebum balancing properties.



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