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Available in a myriad of cosmetic products, cinnamon helps the skin to be fresh and healthy. If you have a problematic skin, natural care with cinnamon soap will help alleviate roughness on your skin and refresh your skin. It is invigorating, antiseptic and antifungal. It has muscle relaxant and mind tranquillizing effect. It gives vitality and shine to your hair and skin. Its fragrance has a tranquillizing effect. It is suitable for all types of skins. It is very effective in covering rashes and cracks formed on skin. It cleanses and moisturizes the skin. With its sweet fragrance, cinnamon has refreshing and aphrodisiac effect. Cinnamon oil has also oil balancing property in the body. At the same time, it is effective against insect bites and itching. It makes lips thicker when used for long time.


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